In Arkansas, Citywide parking reform enables reuse of vacant buildings

Parking Soap Box Warning: In Fayetteville Arkansas, they gave it the whole nine yards. They didn’t just remove parking mandates in the City’s Central Business District, they removed them throughout the whole city. Why? They recognized that parking mandates (forcing property owners to deliver parking spaces) had become a barrier to reusing long-vacant buildings. The result: many of the scofflaw buildings were quickly redeveloped.

It’s an important story in Minot because when it comes to property redevelopment and maximizing tax revenue from our existing infrastructure, we’re getting in our own way. How much land should we force into parking? The answer is none. And it’s places like Fayetville are proving it.

Get the full story on Fayetville from Catie Gould writing at CNU, the Congress for New Urbanism.

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Catie Gould, CNU


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