Less Red Tape for Truckers

A press release from Representative Cramer’s office outlined some changes for commercial truck drivers that will likely make their lives a little easier. The full press release follows below, but the gist is this: Drivers won’t be required to file a report on the post-trip inspection when they don’t find any issues with their truck. The new rule takes effect December 18th.

— Official News Release —

Today Congressman Kevin Cramer applauded a decision by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to eliminate daily inspection reports on trucks when no safety problems are identified.

Presently, commercial truck drivers are required to conduct pre- and post- trip inspections of their vehicles, and follow each inspection by filing a report. Approximately 95 percent of these inspections find no problems with the vehicle. Under the new rule, drivers will still conduct these routine inspections, but will no longer be required to complete paperwork in cases when no equipment or safety concerns are found.

“The federal government estimates truckers spend 46.7 million hours each year filling out this paperwork. This rule change will maintain all existing safety standards while creating a time savings of $1.7 billion dollars each year by eliminating unnecessary filings,” said Congressman Cramer.

The change does not affect any buses carrying passengers, which are also regulated by FCMSA. It is set to take effect on December 18, when the new rule will appear in the Federal Register.

Congressman Cramer has consistently advocated for a fair regulatory process for the trucking industry. Hecosponsored H.R. 3095, which stopped the FMCSA from skipping a transparent rulemaking process to require truck drivers to undergo burdensome screening and testing for sleep disorders. The legislation was signed by the President on October 15, 2013.

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