Minot Resident’s Organize in Support of Non Discrimination Bill

MINOT –– With news that Senate Bill 2279 would soon be on the Senate floor, many LGBT allies and activists throughout the state sprang into action.

On Monday evening, grassroots efforts took place in Minot, Grand Forks, Fargo, and Bismarck, as they called constituents, encouraging them to reach out ot the senators to support the bill. At the Minot Public Library, activist Dan Scott led a small but spirited group who contributed to the hundreds of phone calls made at the four locations.  (This was the second time around that groups gathered, although this was the first instance a group from Minot was involved.)
The majority of those reached by the callers from Minot expressed that they would contact their Senator.

The activity may have helped; despite the Senate Judiciary Committee’s recommendation (a 4 to 2 vote) not to pass SB 2279, the bill indeed succeeded, by a narrow 25-22 vote. The bill will now go to the North Dakota House of Representatives.

“I am very happy for the support in the Senate and hope for more of the same in the House,” Scott said after it was announced that the Senate passed SB 2279. “We need this now more than ever.”

Anyone who wants to get involved in future efforts can visit the “One ND” Facebook page.

Image: Dan Scott and James Lowe, both of Minot, participated in grassroots efforts Monday to encourage people to urge their senators to vote yes for Senate Bill 2279, a bill that would help provide anti-discrimination laws based on sexual orientation or gender identity.


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