News for Minot!

We’re doing the news a little differently… here’s the list of how…

  • News for Minot!  Minot isn’t quite perfect, and so our editorial bent will lean towards stories and ideas that should be influencing and informing the decisions that are being made in and for Minot… no matter where they come from or their source.
  • Direct to Source.  When the Fargo Forum or Bismarck Tribune publish something worthwhile, you won’t have to wait two days to read it under and AP tag.  We’ll send you direct to their article so you know who originally wrote and and where it came from!  When we do occasionally link to an AP story, it will be an original AP story.
  • The Best of The Internet.  The Internet doesn’t need better content, it needs better filters so you don’t have to see all the crap.  Consider The Minot your new filter, we’ll deliver what is worthwhile and keep the garbage out!
  • Continuous Publishing.  News doesn’t operate on a schedule so we won’t either.  When there is something worth sharing, you’ll get it immediately.  When you’ve got ten minutes that are only half full, The Minot will have the latest for you!

Josh Wolsky

Developer & Writer @TheMinot Voice, Fan of the Souris River, There's a lot to Savor about Minot. Fortunate to be a 'former' City Council member ;)

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