Struggles with Downtown Parking Garages Continue

Tom Barry, Minot’s City Manager, give a candid and complete update on the status of Minot’s downtown parking garages at Monday’s City Council meeting. If you’re interested in having the best information on where the project is headed, Mr. Barry’s update is the first-hand source. You can watch it below.

Additionally, following Monday’s meeting, Jill Schramm with the Minot Daily News reached out to the Project Manager for Cypress Development, Dominic O’Dierno for his comments on the situation. Mr. O’Dierno has been the subject of past coverage here on The Minot Voice, but regardless, here’s the portion of Ms. Schramm’s coverage that seemed most telling of their future intent.

O’Dierno said construction on the apartments is expected to begin this summer and be completed by the summer or fall of 2018. Cypress will begin leasing commercial space on ground level around the ramps once the structures’ exteriors are completed. O’Dierno said there has been local interest in leasing, but Cypress also is considering starting its own franchise businesses or other businesses to ensure the presence of the type of establishments it would like to see.

Here’s Mr. Barry’s report to City Council. And if you’re interested in what your City Council candidates think about the projects, check out question and answer forum on the topic.


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