A New Bill in Washington State Would Reduce Unneeded Packaging and Other Recycling News

The state of Washington has some of the highest recycling rates in the country, but usage is on the decline and landfills are still filling up. But they aren’t one to ignore the problem. And a new law is proposing a new approach — shift the waste stream burden from consumers to producers.

It’s a novel approach — go straight to the source of the problem and reduce the amount of waste we create in the first place. The opposite approach, the one we’re implementing shortly in Minot is to subsidize the producers. When we cover the cost of the waste their product create, what’s the obvious result? More waste. Learn more in the article from Route Fifty linked below.

And in other¬† recycling news, our neighbors in Moorhead are celebrating the opening their new Resource Center. It’s a three-in-one transfer center for recyclables and public drop off location for recyclables and household hazardous waste. Get the full story from Inforum.com here.¬†

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Molly Bolan, Route Fifty


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