Seeing Minot With New Eyes Through a “Walking Audit”

Do you view car ownership as a luxury or as the standard? Your answer to the question — probably — informs more about how you view our community and the investments we should make than you realize. And one simple way to consider a different perspective — get out and walk.

For more perspective on why it matters, check out the article from Strong Towns linked below.

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Daniel Herriges, Strong Towns


Josh Wolsky

Developer & Writer @TheMinot Voice, Fan of the Souris River, SavorMinot Advocate. Fortunate to be a 'former' City Council member ;)

One comment on “Seeing Minot With New Eyes Through a “Walking Audit”

Carla Newgard

We were so excited to move to Green Acres 12 years ago with the possibility of walking to the Y and all the shopping, restaurants etc so close. Um. Not now. 16th St SW is an everyday Dakota Speedway. It will never be walking friendly at all again.

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