Saskatchewan Watershed At Normal Levels Thus Far

The Souris River’s Saskatchewan headwaters make the snowpack of our northern neighbors local news. And the first report of 2023 indicates lots of storage in the reservoirs for Canadian prairie snow that will melt through Minot. The Souris Basin outlook is quoted below.

“Both Rafferty Reservoir and Grant Devine Lake are below their prescribed February 1 drawdown elevations. With drier than normal conditions at freeze-up in 2022 and what is estimated to be a near to slightly above normal snowpack, the snowmelt runoff response is expected to be near normal above the three reservoirs and above normal in the area below the reservoirs to Sherwood Crossing. Additional drawdown of the reservoirs is not expected, and it is anticipated that reservoir releases during the spring runoff period will be limited to amounts required to meet international apportionment obligations. At this time, Boundary Dam Reservoir and Grant Devine Lake are expected to fill during spring runoff. Any excess water from Boundary will be diverted to Rafferty. At this time, Rafferty”


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