Teen Suicide Spiked After Debut Of Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why,’ Study Says

Television watching is vastly different today than it was even 10 years ago. Binge-watching and the viral-like consumption of content are major differences. And in the one case of one popular Netflix show from a few years ago with suicide story-line, researchers identified a spike in teen suicide following the release.

While the researchers are quick to point out that correlation does not equal causation, the trend is still worth noting. As information saturation and nonstop media invade the sanctity of our lives, perhaps our younger minds are more vulnerable to complex topics.

Get the full story from NPR News below, and stop and think for a minute: have you considered that today’s generation of kids are the first through the gauntlet when it comes to 24-7 in-your-pocket media bombardment?

This article was sourced from:

Matthew S. Schwartz, NPR


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