The new digital divide is between people who opt out of algorithms and everyone else

From computers to cars to online dating, odds are high that more of your life is influenced by artificial intelligence and learning algorithms than you realize. These algorithms are why Facebook occasionally freaks you out. You’ve probably experienced this, it’s when your news feed seems to know what you’re thinking or what you want.

Perhaps unfortunately, many people don’t realize these processes are at work behind the scenes in our lives. What’s more certain is that when we become aware of their work, we’re not entirely comfortable with it; nor do we trust that these processes always has our best interests as the goal.

Want to learn more? This article from Quartz is a pretty good primer on the topic. But if you’ve noticed the recent changes on, you may appreciate knowing one of the reasons for those changes is to provide separation between you and these learning algorithms. Because the less this site is connected to big data gathering services like Facebook, the less you’re connected to big data gathering services like Facebook. Their tentacles extend much further than you may realize.

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Anjana Susarla, Quartz


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