Today in Minot | Feb 25, 2024

Today is Sunday, February 25th. The sun will rise on the 67th day of winter, and the 56th day of the year at 7:34 AM. We will see 10 hours 48 minutes of daylight before it sets at 6:22 PM.

Currently we have overcast, chilly weather. The temperature is 29 degrees. The wind is 8 mph out of the West. With wind and humidity factored, it feels like 21 degrees. Today, we are expecting light snow early, followed by overcast and cool conditions. The temperature will reach a high of 38°F with winds 5 mph out of the East. There is a 25% chance of rain.

On This Day

On this day in 1836, Samuel Colt received a US patent for the Colt revolver, forever changing the landscape of firearms and the American West.

On this day in 1870, Hiram Rhodes Revels became the first African American to serve in the US Congress, a milestone in the fight for racial equality and representation in American politics.

Born & Died: Pierre-Auguste Renoir, (Born, 1841) French painter known for his Impressionist style, Zeppo Marx, (Born, 1901) American actor and comedian, Rashida Jones, (Born, 1976) American actress and producer, Justin Bieber, (Born, 1994) Canadian singer and songwriter, George Harrison, (Died, 2001) English musician and member of The Beatles, Tennessee Williams, (Died, 1983) American playwright

Today is: National Chocolate Covered Nut Day,National Clam Chowder Day

Upcoming Fun

10 Cent Beer Night @BlueRider | Tuesday, June 4th, Chilibowl VIII @IndependenceInc | Thursday, March 7th, LADAMA – World Fest Concert @MinotArts | Saturday, March 2nd

SavorMinot’s guest writer for today is Greek philosopher Plato . Read and grade the results here.

Today’s Happenings!

The Spicy Stro @PrairieSkyBreads

The Spicy Stro

Our Soup Specials @SchatzCrossroads

Our Soup Specials

Chicken Artichoke Melt (+Soup & Toast Features) @PrairieSkyBreads

Chicken Artichoke Melt (+Soup & Toast Features)

Downtown Skating & Curling! (February Schedule) @CitzensAlley

Downtown Skating & Curling! (February Schedule)

Brunch! @Arny’s


Sweetly Sour Sundays! @Atypical

Sweetly Sour Sundays!

Brunch & Bubbles @1685

Brunch & Bubbles

Fight February: The Winter Bird Walk! @PrairieSkyBreads

Fight February: The Winter Bird Walk!

Muffelatta Pizza (Our February Feature) @Arny’s

Muffelatta Pizza (Our February Feature)

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