Today in Minot | Feb 28, 2024

Today is Wednesday, February 28th. The sun will rise on the 70th day of winter, and the 59th day of the year at 7:28 AM. We will see 10 hours 59 minutes of daylight before it sets at 6:27 PM.

Currently we have clear, frigid weather. The temperature is -1 degrees. The wind is 3 mph out of the North. With wind and humidity factored, it feels like -9 degrees. Today, we are expecting partly cloudy and chilly weather. The temperature will reach a high of 26°F with winds 5-10 mph out of the Southeast.

On This Day

On this day in 1827, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad became the first commercial railroad to be incorporated in the United States, marking a significant milestone in the country’s transportation history.

On this day in 1983, the final episode of the television series “M*A*S*H” aired, bringing an end to the beloved show that had captured the hearts of millions of viewers around the world.

Born & Died: Bernadette Peters, (Born, 1948) American actress and singer, Gilbert Gottfried, (Born, 1955) American comedian and actor, Brian Jones, (Died, 1969) English musician, founding member of The Rolling Stones, Mario Andretti, (Born, 1940) Italian-American racing driver, John Turturro, (Born, 1957) American actor and filmmaker

Today is: National Tooth Fairy Day,National Floral Design Day,National Public Sleeping Day,National Chocolate Souffle Day

Upcoming Fun

Free Used Books! @MainStreetBooks | Thursday, February 29th, Severio Mancieri @BlueRider | Friday, March 1st, Chris Basden @BlueRider | Saturday, March 2nd

SavorMinot’s guest writer for today is Elle Woods from “Legally Blonde”. Read and grade the results here.

Today’s Happenings!

Smoked Salmon Board (Featured Tapa) @OTV

Smoked Salmon Board (Featured Tapa)

Stave & Steel Cabernet (February Feature) @OTV

Stave & Steel Cabernet (February Feature)

Downtown Skating & Curling! (February Schedule) @CitzensAlley

Downtown Skating & Curling! (February Schedule)

Winter Sale (30%-50% Off) @Artmain

Winter Sale (30%-50% Off)

Custom Framing Sale @Artmain

Custom Framing Sale

Muffelatta Pizza (Our February Feature) @Arny’s

Muffelatta Pizza (Our February Feature)

Mojo Caribbean Pork (February Sandwich Feature) @MagicCityHoagies

Mojo Caribbean Pork (February Sandwich Feature)

A Start in Art! @TaubeMuseum

A Start in Art!

Collectable Wednesdays! @BudgetMusic

Collectable Wednesdays!

Wednesday: The Toughest Trivia in Minot @BlueRider

Wednesday: The Toughest Trivia in Minot

Watch Battery Wednesdays @RicksJewelry

Watch Battery Wednesdays

Happy Hour with a View! @1685

Happy Hour with a View!

Soup Specials! @SchatzCrossroads

Soup Specials!

Lunch Specials @SchatzCrossroads

Lunch Specials

Pizza Sandwich Week! (And More) @PrairieSkyBreads

Pizza Sandwich Week! (And More)

Hot Lunch Specials! @BigDogSaloon

Hot Lunch Specials!

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