Today in Minot | Feb 5, 2024

Today is Monday, February 5th. The sun will rise on the 47th day of winter, and the 36th day of the year at 8:08 AM. We will see 9 hours 42 minutes of daylight before it sets at 5:50 PM.

Currently we have fog and chilly conditions. The temperature is 36 degrees. The wind is 5 mph out of the Southeast. Today, we are expecting cloudy and cool weather. The temperature will reach a high of 48°F with winds 10 mph out of the South.

On This Day

On this day in 1917, the Mexican Constitution of 1917 was adopted, marking a pivotal moment in the country’s history. This constitution, still in effect today, established the framework for a new political and social order in Mexico, including land reform and labor rights.

Born & Died: Cristiano Ronaldo, (Born, 1985) Professional soccer player, Hank Aaron, (Died, 2021) Hall of Fame baseball player, Bobby Brown, (Born, 1969) R&B singer and actor, Laura Linney, (Born, 1964) Actress, Jennifer Jason Leigh, (Born, 1962) Actress, Tim Meadows, (Born, 1961) Comedian and actor

Today is: National Weatherperson’s Day,National Shower With A Friend Day,World Nutella Day

Upcoming Fun

A Pie & 2 Pints at Atypical Brewery – Valentine’s Day Special! @Atypical | Wednesday, February 14th, Love “Bites” in Minot! @TasteOfMinot | Saturday, February 10th, Soup it Up! 2024 TaubeMuseum | Saturday, February 24th

Today’s Happenings!

Mule Monday! @StarvingRooster

Mule Monday!

Monday Madness! (Take Out Specials) @NiteTrain

Monday Madness! (Take Out Specials)

Movie Madness Monday!!! @BudgetMusic

Movie Madness Monday!!!

Pulltab Happy Hour & Beat the Bartender! @BlueRider

Pulltab Happy Hour & Beat the Bartender!

Smoked Salmon Board (Featured Tapa) @OTV

Smoked Salmon Board (Featured Tapa)

Stave & Steel Cabernet (February Feature) @OTV

Stave & Steel Cabernet (February Feature)

Downtown Skating & Curling! (February Schedule) @CitzensAlley

Downtown Skating & Curling! (February Schedule)

Downtown Learn to Curl @MinotCurlingClub

Downtown Learn to Curl

Buy One Get One! (For Happy Hour) @Arny’s

Buy One Get One! (For Happy Hour)

This Week’s Lunch Specials! BigDogSaloon

Winter Sale (30%-50% Off) @Artmain

Winter Sale (30%-50% Off)

Custom Framing Sale @Artmain

Custom Framing Sale

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