Trinity Health Partners with Billings Clinic RegionalCare, New Hospital in Works

Leadership from Trinity Health have announced a partnership with Billings Clinic RegionalCare. The big news, the partnership will allow Trinity to move forward with a new medical campus and hospital to be located in Southwest Minot near 37th avenue and 16th street. The official news release that outlines some of the operational changes follows below.

— Official News Release, Trinity Health —

Officials from Trinity Health announced today that the Board of Directors has signed a Letter of Intent between Trinity Health and the Billings Clinic RegionalCare Hospital Partners Joint Venture in which Trinity Health will become part of Billings Clinic RegionalCare. All parties involved are currently working on the final agreements. The transaction is expected to close prior to the end of 2015.

John Kutch, President and CEO of Trinity Health, said, “This agreement with Billings Clinic RegionalCare is an important step forward in ensuring the long-term stability and continued health care choice for the people of North Dakota and eastern Montana. Perhaps the most exciting part of this partnership is that it will bring to fruition the vision of the Board and our entire organization for a new medical campus to better serve our community and region for decades to come.” Timelines for new campus groundbreaking and construction, to be located at the site currently owned by Trinity west of 37th Street and 16th Street in southwest Minot, are being finalized and will be announced when the final agreements are completed.

“Billings Clinic is looking forward to working with Trinity Health on clinical strategies that are focused on delivering the highest patient safety, quality, and service. Both Billings Clinic and Trinity Health are members of the Mayo Clinic Care Network which is indicative of our shared commitment to high quality care and patient safety,” said Nicholas Wolter, MD, Billings Clinic CEO.

After a lengthy review of numerous potential partnership options, Trinity Health’s Board ultimately chose Billings Clinic RegionalCare because of the combination of Billings Clinic’s strong reputation for quality and RegionalCare’s track record of significant investments in the communities it serves and its focus on building regional service areas. In January 2015, Community Medical Center in Missoula, MT became the first hospital to join Billings Clinic RegionalCare.

Marty Rash, Chairman and CEO of RegionalCare Hospital Partners said, “We are honored that the board of Trinity Health chose Billings Clinic RegionalCare to be their partner. We look forward to working with the hospital board, medical staff, hospital employees, and community officials to find ways to continue to provide the quality care and access to services this community deserves.”
Below are key details of the transaction highlighting what the new relationship will mean to the people of Minot and the surrounding region:

  • Billings Clinic RegionalCare will support Trinity’s ongoing efforts to continue to be the premier regional care system.
  • Billings Clinic RegionalCare will enhance Trinity’s ability to connect patients with sub-specialized care.
  • Billings Clinic RegionalCare will commit to fund necessary capital needs and new strategic initiatives including the new hospital campus and medical district and other technology improvements.
  • Billings Clinic RegionalCare, working with the medical staff, will continue to recruit new physicians and health care providers into the community and across the region where there are needs.
  • Billings Clinic RegionalCare will adopt Trinity’s current charity and indigent care policy.
  • Billings Clinic RegionalCare will commit to hire all current Trinity employees in good standing.
  • Billings Clinic RegionalCare is committed to continued community collaborations and partnerships.
  • Trinity will continue to have local leadership through a community board of trustees, physicians, and a management team based in Minot.
  • Billings Clinic RegionalCare will increase the tax base of Minot through new property taxes.

image: (left to Right) Pat Holien, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Trinity Health; Marty Rash, Chairman and CEO of RegionalCare Hospital Partners; Nicholas Wolter, MD, Billings Clinic CEO; John Kutch CEO Trinity Health.

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