Ward County Commission Agenda, February 7, 2023

The Ward County Commission will meet Tuesday, February 7th at 9:00 am for the first of their regular monthly meetings. The meeting will take place at the Ward County Administration Building on 3rd Street in downtown Minot. The Commission will consider the following agenda. The complete Commissioner meeting packet can be viewed here.

  1. Approve Agenda
  2. Review and approve the minutes from the Commission Meeting on January 17, 2023
  3. Review and approve the regular bills totaling $940,923.99 and HS Zone direct cost bills totaling $8,703.46 and
    December JP bills totaling $28,251.04; total HS Zone $36,954.50
  4. Noreen Barton – Director of Tax Equalization
    A.) Abatement Hearing – Denise Pettit
    B.) Tax Roll Adjustments
    C.) 2023 County Board of Equalization meeting date and time
  5. Robert Roed – Ward County Sheriff
    A.) Asset forfeiture money
  6. Major Paul Olthoff – Detention Center
    A.) On-call pay
  7. Kerrianne Boetcher – Library Administrator
    A.) Bookmobile update
    B.) Wheelie Award
  8. Doug Diedrichsen – Planning & Zoning Administrator
    A.) Plat applications (2)
  9. Dana Larsen – Highway Engineer
    A.) Non-compliant mailbox supports
  10. Travis Schmidt – Assistant Highway Engineer
    A.) ARPA update
  11. Lolly Gorze – Human Resources Director
    A.) Pay Amendments
  12. Marisa Haman – Auditor/Treasurer
    A.) Receive and file the following correspondence: NDSU Quarterly Report Oct-Dec, 2022; Ward County
    Highway Committee Minutes dated January 25, 2023; Personnel Committee Meeting minutes dated
    November 23, 2022; Union Silos Public Art Project letter dated January 2023; Court Facilities
    Improvement Advisory Committee letters dated January 24, 2023 and January 25, 2023; US
    Department of the Interior letter dated January 20, 2023
    B.) Receive and file revised Monthly Reports (December 2022)
    C.) Request for Duplicate Warrants – J. Harper, D. Arellano, S. Pecka, A. Nesson
    D.) Approve 2023 Contract for De Sour Valley Development Corporation
    E.) Approval of County Deeds – tax sale
    F.) Foreclosed property bids – at minimum sales price
    G.) Foreclosed property bids – below minimum sales price
    H.) Grant Agreement between ND Dept. of Corrections and DJS, NDACo, Ward County, and Youthworks
    I.) Prairie Dog Funding
    J.) Approval of Raffle Permit – Minot Association of Builders
    K.) Update on RFP real estate attorney consulting on property matters
    L.) Legislative discussion

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