Winnipeg’s “Go to the Waterfront” Campaign Opens Trail

The City of Winnipeg is working to make their neighborhoods stronger and more resilient, encouraging people and families to get out and be active through the “Go to the Waterfront” initiative. Here’s the direct quote from the Winnipeg Free Press article on the ribbon cutting of for a new waterfront trail.

The Go to the Waterfront vision is a 20-year plan to strengthen and connect neighbourhoods to each other and to downtown by enhancing urban networks around the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. It was created by The Forks Renewal Corporation and is endorsed by the City of Winnipeg.

It’s a story relevant to Minot as we wrestle with connecting neighborhoods to both each other and downtown as we embark on building a flood protection, an infrastructure project designed to serve as a literal barrier between us and the river.

Commentary: If we’re not careful and intentional with the way we build flood protection, we’ll do damage to the way we all live in and experience Minot on a daily basis. Flood protection is essential for the protection of life and property and must be the first priority, but with considered planning and conscious design, we can have both livability and safety. There is an effort to remake Minot’s waterfront with a focus on connectivity, habitat, and livability. For more information on that ongoing effort, check out @sourisfriends here on The Minot Voice or their website at

This article was sourced from:

Ryan Thorpe, Winnipeg Free Press


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