With F-M’s no-sort recycling, the sorting is shifted to someone else

Minot’s automated garbage pickup starts today. It’s the first step toward implementing a city-wide recycling program too. But there’s work and investment that needs to be done before that happens. First, Minot needs a transfer station, so recyclables can be efficiently packaged and hauled to a MRF (materials recovery facility). And that’s where the real recycling happens.

Our Neighbors in Fargo are implementing their own single-stream — no sorting required — ¬†recycling. It’s a move that’s expected to generate a lot more recyclable material — easier to participate equals higher participation rates. If you’re curious about how it all works graphic below tells Fargo’s story, but it’s similar to how we’re likely to do things here in Minot.

Minot recycling is expected to start in 2019.


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