With an Attitude Like This, It’s no Wonder He Was King of The Frontier

I also told them of the manner in which I had been knocked down and dragged out, and that I didn't consider it a fair fight any how they could fix it. I put the ingredients in the cup pretty strong I tell you, and I concluded my speech by telling them that I was done with politics for the present, and they might all go to hell, and I would go to Texas. 

And on to Texas he went, where on this day in 1836 he’d find himself at an old Spanish mission known as the Alamo. This would be the first of a 13-day siege that ended in a bloody battle with few survivors. Crockett was not among them.

It is a remarkable story for the heroic defense of the fort and also because it is one of the few stories that is told from the viewpoint of the vanquished.

originally published on The Minot Voice: February 23, 2015

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