Minot-area School Districts Oppose Administrative Consolidation and Salary Caps

A legislative bill that would consolidate administration of some of North Dakota’s smaller school districts and place salary caps on those positions is not popular around Minot. Jill Schramm with The Minot Daily News has the full story on the bill including comments from South Prairie and Surrey School District representatives.

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Minot Adult Learning Center serves local community

The programs and services at Minot’s Adult Learning Center should be on your radar. From community education programs on topics from pottery to technology to GED and Certified Nursing Assistant coursework, the center provides a regular curriculum of life-enriching and life-advancing opportunities. Jennifer Brodal with the Minot Daily News has the full must-read story.

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Are Relationships the Key to Solving America’s School Absenteeism Crisis?

The covid pandemic was tough on school participation; kids went missing. And in the recovery, we haven’t bounced back to our pre-pandemic school attendance levels. It’s a trend playing out in schools across the country, across grades, and across demographic differences. But one thing seems to consistently keep kids connected to their education — having

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House Bill 1446 Sets The Stage for A Debate On University Tenure

Tenured University professors have long enjoyed a level of job security far less common in other lines of work. And if House Bill 1446 is approved, it’s a situation that will change. The bill sets forth the terms in which tenured professors can be removed by University Presidents and other delegated administrators. And there’s a

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U-Mary gets $6M for counselor training program

There’s a growing need for mental health professionals in our schools, and the University of Mary is stepping forward to meet it. And with the help of a $6 million Department of Education grant, they’re able to make the graduate-level coursework free for those accepted into their counseling program. Get the full story from the

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Build Montana program receives national recognition as it continues to grow

What do you do if you’ve got a demand for a particular skill but not enough people to do it? If you’re the Montana Equipment Dealer’s Association, you partner with private companies and a public school district and start training kids. In this case, the pilot project was for heavy equipment operators, and the success

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Inflation, salary increases top university presidents’ agenda before House Appropriations committee

Yesterday, Minot State’s budget request and enrollment were in the news. Today, it’s the same story from around the State. Several of the state’s university presidents were in front of the House Appropriations Committee on Wednesday, January 11, to share what’s happening on their campuses and their funding needs. The story is similar to Minot’s.

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Amid Budget Request, Minot State Enrollment Trending Down With Possible Silver Linings Locally

Minot State’s student enrollment has been trending down in recent years, but there’s an emerging silver lining — local numbers are up. Current enrollment shows 2,167 students with significant growth in freshman students from NW North Dakota. Jill Schramm with the Minot Daily News has the full story including comments from MSU President Dr. Steve

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ND bill aims to cap K-12 superintendent pay, merge leadership of small districts

House Bill 1251, if successful, would consolidate the administration of the state’s smaller school districts and put a cap on superintendent salaries. Controversy is sure to emerge anytime local control is challenged. C.S. Hagen’s writing for Inforum has the full story.

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Grand Forks Schools Investing in New Language Arts Curriculum & Data Monitoring With Community Partners

A new language arts curriculum for Grand Forks sixth graders has proven itself; the school board is approving a 10-year $320,000 investment that was previously piloted and found to be an improvement. Additionally, the school district is partnering in a data exchange with the Community Violence Intervention Center; the goal is to identify and monitor

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Montana to explore free school meals

For two years during COVID, the federal government supported school lunch programs. And for one Montana legislator, Melissa Romano, what she saw were benefits that outweigh the costs. So much so that she’s introduced a bill to maintain the program statewide. Get the full story from The Missoulian.

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Free Learning Series “Little Kids, Big World” Featured at North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum

Planning a day trip to Bismarck and taking your toddler? You may want to work around the calendar at the Heritage Center and State Museum. For the rest of January, their programming activities are focused on kids. Check out the new release below. — Official News Release, ND Heritage Center — Free Learning Series “Little

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Saving Snowflakes By Banning & Burning Books?

I recently completed reading The 1619 Project. I may or may not have bothered, but the fact that many political types want to ban it from public schools piqued my curiosity. The book is a compilation of essays by a number of authors of African descent giving their opinions on race relations in the USA.

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International teachers complete their journey to Grand Forks

What do you do when you run a school district and finding teachers is tough? In Grand Forks, they cast their net beyond the U.S. borders, and on their first haul they brought in three new teachers from as far away as Zimbabwe and Ghana. And now that the district has been through the red

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NDSU to reconsider cuts to equine science program after petition gets over 4,000 signatures

Who says citizens and students can’t make a difference? NDSU’s Agriculture Department is reconsidering a decision to cut a position after a well-organized, respectful effort provided some direct comment on the issue. Get the full story from C.S. Hagen writing at Inforum.com.

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The Culture Wars are Here, and They Didn’t Spare the Schools

Race and racism, LGBTQ+, library books: they’re all hot-button cultural topics that evoke strong emotional responses, and often bad behavior by adults, as well. It’s created a hostile environment for our educators and many are sounding the alarm that if it doesn’t quit, they will. Get the full story from NPR.

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