Moneyball for cattle is creating an American steak renaissance

Can you imagine paying $150,000 for a prize breeding bull? To the layperson that might seem excessive, but with perfect history on genealogy and great data on the quality of the end product — steak — ranchers can better predict and capture a premium price. Get the full story on how analytics is changing the

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ND ranchers cheer; U.S. beef gains full access to Japan

In a move that’s being lauded as removal of non-science-based trade barriers, U.S. beef producers will gain full access to Japanese markets. U.S. beef exports to Japan have been restricted going back more than a decade due to scares of bovine spongiform encephalopathy; those restrictions will be lifted Jenny Schlect with Forum News Service has

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Seed-cleaning funds quiet win for Williston, agriculture

So much happens in Bismarck during a legislative session that it’s impossible to get all the news. And among the goals of any place’s contingent of lawmakers is to secure opportunities for their towns and people. Here’s a good example of Williston’s success in securing dollars and added value to their agriculture production with a

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What could become of our idle and vacant farm yards?

On your drives through the North Dakota countryside, have you noticed the many vacant and idle farmsteads? They are relics of a past age when the prairie was alive with people and activity. But the nature of farming changed, the farms followed suit, and the cascade effect of outward migration and rural decline was on.

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Senator Hoeven weighs in on trade impacts to North Dakota, efforts for relief

Trade negotiations between the U.S. and China have big implications for North Dakota farmers. With that in mind, Senator Hoeven issued a statement through a news release yesterday. Read it below. — Official News Release, Senator Hoeven — WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven, chairman of the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Committee and a member of the

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As Wisconsin’s hemp industry blooms, will marijuana be next?

As North Dakota farmer’s get beat up by the near-term fallout of our international trade negotiations, is there more we can be doing to help them out? What about deregulating a long vilified crop? The North Dakota legislature has taken positive steps toward opening the door to hemp in recent years; that’s a good thing.

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‘The Biggest Little Farm’: How One Couple Gave Up Everything to Live the Entrepreneurial Dream

How much land does it take to develop a multi-source revenue self-sustaining farming operation in which the outputs from one side of the operation provide inputs to the other? In Southern California — 200 acres. While many aspects of this story won’t translate perfectly — or perhaps not at all — to farming and ranching

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North Dakota Grain Growers Association votes to leave national association

In a political move that could be described as eyebrow-raising, the North Dakota Grain Growers Association has voted to part ways with its national organization. Citing examples that go back more than a decade, the NDGGA didn’t feel they were being represented at the national level to a degree in accordance with their dues; the

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