Accessory Housing Units Get Approval From Minneapolis Planning Commision

It’s a newer (or perhaps older) housing concept that’s gaining favor in many urban areas around the country. Considering Minot’s housing issues, it’s worth knowing about.

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Wash Hands, Stay Healthy

I recall a common conversation I had with my children as they were growing up. “Did you wash your hands?” I would ask my two older kids as they popped into their places at the dinner table. “Yes,” they usually answered. “Did you use soap?” I continued. “Yep!” they replied in unison. One time my

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Sewer Vents: Prepare Now to Avoid Cold Walks on Roof

— Reprinted from NDSU Extension Service — Taking steps now can prevent sewer vents from freezing this winter. Last winter was long and cold. That was the perfect weather to cause frozen sewer vent pipes on many houses. “Now, while the weather is nice and there is no snow on the roof, is the time

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