City Council Member Lisa Olson Will Seek Republican District 38 Nomination at June Primary

Long-time City Council Member Lisa Olson has been denied membership in Minot’s District 38 Republican Party due to a four-year-old social media post in which she encouraged women to become more engaged in politics. District Chairman Roger Neshem confirmed to KX News that party leadership had voted to deny her membership. Olson announced her intent

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Will God Be in the Voting Booth With You?

Our founders wrote separation of church and state into our constitution. Our constitution is subject to interpretation. American religion is also subject to interpretation according to the actions of its citizens. According to the Minot phone book, there are 44 different churches in Minot. There are 16 miscellaneous Protestant churches of various ideologies. Additionally, there

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Minot’s School Budget Crunch Not Unique

In the wake of Minot Public Schools grappling with potential closures of two elementary schools due to budget constraints, a similar scenario is unfolding in Iowa City. The school district there is deliberating on how to cut costs by $7.5 million over the next two years, with options such as changing class size rules and

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A Republican Primary Process Predicament?

Polls are somewhat similar to a carpenter’s tool. They are as valuable as the skills of the artisan utilizing them. I recall a very pleasant one on one dinner in 1995 with the head of a “special interest” group based out of Washington, D.C. My dinner companion was a self-made man who due to talent,

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The Real Results of Proposed Property Tax Reforms?

The many questions I have asked about the elimination of real estate taxes have not been answered. There are more which were not included in a prior article. Minot has a high percentage of sales tax revenue for obvious reasons. Thanks to the grace of God and industrious citizens, Minot is the regional center for

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Weighing In for the Battle for Local Control

In 2024, North Dakota voters will probably vote whether or not to eliminate real estate property taxes. It looks like it will be a proxy war between the obvious factions within the North Dakota Republican party. Republicans in recent history have comprised roughly 75% of North Dakota voters. Is the Republican party still the party

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It’s Time to Open Up the North Dakota State Fair

His name is Eric Johnson. His trade name is Eric the Sour. If you see him on the street, you might even say he looks like a Viking. But he’s not a Viking; he’s a brewer. His beer Gin & Spruce won a gold medal at the World Beer Cup in 2022. Inspired by Juniper

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Is The Twilight Zone Our New American Reality?

Imagine a science fiction episode in the classic old black and white series, The Twilight Zone. The main character is a middle class woman in a middle class town in the Midwest called Lake Flaccid. The woman has a toothache. She goes to her dentist. Her dentist doesn’t treat her but instead offers her his

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Governor Burgum Staying in Presidential Race

For Governor Burgum, it’s the voters of the early primary states Iowa and New Hampshire who are going to dictate how the Republican presidential primary field is narrowed, not the Republican king makers, lever pullers, or polling data. In plainer terms, he’s no getting out of the race anytime soon. If you want the full

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Lessons on Ukraine from 1778

Almost 250 years ago, the American Colonies were fighting for our independence from an imperialistic world power. We were an emerging democracy; we were also on the brink. In our moment of need, another world power, France, lent aid, arms, and even troops. It was critical support in a moment of extraordinary need. Undoubtedly, it

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Something’s Not Right

There is now a petition being passed around with the stated goal of protecting election integrity in future North Dakota elections. There are several questions the citizens of our state may wish to consider. County auditors are the boots on the ground regarding North Dakota elections. Do they think there is a problem? The North

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Burgum’s ND Values on the National Political Stage is Good For All Of Us

I lived in the South. I learned an important lesson there. Before doing something stupid that may end up either horrific or just entertaining, you have to say, “y’all hold my beer and watch this.” Consider it said. Let’s get to it. I’m grabbing the third rail. National politics. On the Internet. And for the

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Cancer Clusters Among Misileers? Air Force to Conduct Study that Includes Minot AFB

Last month, the story broke that the Air Force is looking at cases of cancer that may be linked to working in Malmstrom AFB missile silos. Yesterday, the Air Force announced it will conduct an official study by the Air Force School of Aerospace and it will include Minot. Get the full story from the

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Montana students standing up for their futures

Speaking toward the future, there’s no one more impacted by the issues of the day than the young people among us. From curriculum to climate change, the younger you are the longer you’ll have to live with the decisions made today. And in Montana, youth engagement in political action becoming a force to reckon with.

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Minot Assault Leads to Homicide After Victim Passes Away.

Minot Police Department issued the following news release regarding an assault that took place Friday. The victim passed away Sunday; charges have been upgraded to Murder. — Official News Release, Minot Police Department — On 02.17.23 (Friday) at approximately 6:44 PM officers responded to a NW Minot hotel for a report of anassault. Upon arrival,

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Legislative Round Up, February 19, 2023

North Dakota’s legislature meets once every two years, and our state Constitution requires they complete their business in 80 days or less. It means when they’re in session, they’re working and making news. Here’s a round-up of the latest from the legislature. But before we get to the news, we’ve built a new tool that

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