Western governors back Endangered Species Act, with changes

The Western Governors Association, an association of 22-western Governors, met in Montana recently. Among the topics of business, a discussion and ultimately a resolution in support of the Endangered Species Act with a few caveats. Some of the concerns are that states have a larger voice in the federal decisions that impact them and that

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Trump tells CEOs he’ll only back shovel-ready infrastructure

Investing in America’s infrastructure was a common theme throughout President Trump’s campaign, and his rhetoric is now turning towards the issue. The condition he’s placing on the investments he wants to make — that they’re shovel ready. It’s news worth noting here in Minot where we have several hundred million dollars of infrastructure with permitting

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Montana Senate passes broadband internet privacy measure

It now seems plausible that with the federal repeal of Internet privacy restrictions on Internet service providers (ISP), we’ll end up with a hodge-podge of state enacted privacy laws. The Montana Senate passed a law barring ISPs the ability to bid on state contracts if they collect customer data without consent. Other states are considering

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AP Exclusive: Taxes could flow with Dakota Access pipeline

The Associated Press has done the math, and their results show the pipeline may add as much as $110 million to state coffers annually. The AP paints the issue in the light that ND leaders were in favor of the pipeline because of the dollars. Commentary: if that’s the case, is there anything wrong with

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Commentary: Something Suspicious is Going On With Our Beloved Pizza Corner Pizzas

Pizza Corner pizza has been a North Dakota favorite for a long time. And the previously-Valley-City owned business was recently sold to a Minnesota-base distributor. But for one pizza connoisseur, the transition isn’t tasting perfectly smooth.

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Fort Berthold Tribal Panel Wants to Regulate Oil Development

Tribal leaders on the Fort Berthold Reservation are taking the law into their own hands. They’ve formed the West Segment Regulatory Commission, a five-member board that intends to regulate things like oil drilling, background checks, and drug testing. Full story from the Associated Press.

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Battle Over Proposed Yellowstone River ‘Dam’ Ramps Up

Dam is actually misleading, the structure in question is closer to the Souris river cofferdams and is known as a weir. The controversy stems from a 2-mile diversion channel intended to help endangered pallid sturgeon bypass the structure and reach spawning grounds upstream.

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Feds Propose Multi-Pronged Plan to Bolster Decline in Bees

Reports last week that 2014 was a particularly bad year for honey bees have federal officials calling all hands and activating resources in an attempt to reverse the trend.      

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