Legislators vote to require state review of rivers, other water bodies

What makes a waterway or lake navigable? That’s a question that the legislature wants reviewed. Much of these determinations go back to how the rivers and lakes were used at the time North Dakota become a state, but more than 100 years later, the question may have costly implications. Amy Dalrymple has the full story;

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North Dakota oil patch and small district teachers earn more

The legislature took up the problem of North Dakota’s teacher shortage by easing teacher licensing requirements and there’s a potential state revenue to school district increase in conference committee. Teacher salary is another obvious tool in the teacher recruiting arsenal, and this report from the Grand Forks Herald shares some statewide comparison numbers as well

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Bill allowing ND cities and counties to raise speed limit fines signed

Should local governments be forced to take a financial loss by pulling over a traffic violator? In other words, should the fine levied at least cover the costs of pulling over the individual? And is a $15 fine for going 40 mph in a 25 mph zone a deterrent? Those were the questions that informed

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North Dakota House passes bill with hopes of easing teacher shortage

North Dakota has a teacher shortage, and the legislature has taken up the problem. Their solution: making it easier to get into teaching — in some cases. The bill approved by the House and now headed to the Senate would allow those with a high school diploma and 4,000 hours of relevant work experience into

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Amended resolution would have committee study uses of Legacy Fund earnings

While nothing is set in law yet, the legislature appears headed toward taking time to study how to best use Legacy Fund earnings. The uses of this already-large ($5.6 billion) and still-growing pile of money are sure to be a legislative topic far into the future. Jack Dura with the Bismarck Tribune has the details

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Fargo flood protection funding hanging over legislature

The project costs have ballooned to more than $2.5 billion and the locals want a commitment of $870 million from the state. Currently, the House has made a commitment to a little over $700 million. Dave Thomas with Prairie Public News has the full story.

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