North Dakota House says no to guns in bars, public buildings, colleges, other gun bills pass

Limits to where you can carry your gun will remain on the books in North Dakota for another two years, at least. The ND House voted down several bills related to the expansion of gun-carrying rights including on college campuses, public buildings, bars, and churches. Jeremy Turley has the full story on this article at

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Fargo city leaders clash with state legislators over control of gun laws

Should city zoning laws control where the sale of guns is appropriate they same way they do for every other property use type? Or should the legislature overrule those zoning provisions for the purposes of further protecting the 2nd amendment? House Bill 1340 is setting up a fight over who has control, the locals or

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North Dakota lawmakers looking to roll back regulations against carrying guns in North Dakota

Here’s the list: House Bill 1483, House Bill 1404, House Bill 1194, House Bill 1341, House Bill 1339, and House Bill 1401. They’re all bills to expand gun rights and where gun owners can legally carry their guns in North Dakota. The bills where in committee hearing last week; the NRA and a others showed

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First Year: Mental Health Background Checks Stop 745 Gun Purchases

North Dakotas new system that links mental health records to the national criminal background check system that is used when buying firearms stopped more than 745 purchases in the first year.

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‘Smart’ Guns May Help Prevent Violence, But Will They Make it to the Shelves?

New technology prevents guns from firing if they’re not in the proper hands, but so far retailers are not supporting the concept. Their fear, that tech-implemented safety measures will lead states to implement laws requiring them — thereby further degrading second amendment rights.

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