Meet the telehealth company that’s treated treated 20,000 opioid addiction patients

In a place like North Dakota, where do you turn when there’s no where to turn? When it comes to addiction, rural can be real challenge. The services and resources common in larger populations centers simply don’t exist. But what if you could get help over the phone or an Internet connection? And what if

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The White House unveils a new system to track and better prevent opioid overdoses

Few, if any, communities in the country have escaped the scourge of opioid addiction. Minot is no exception. And those most impacted have begged and pleaded at all levels of government for more action. Well, the Federal government is stepping up in a role that will serve all communities – filling the data gap so

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Drug experts see confluence of factors behind opioid crisis

In Minot, the Mayor’s Committee on Addiction met this week. When it comes to dealing with the effects of the opioid and larger addiction problem, they’re going to divide and hopefully conquer. They’ll be splitting into several sub-committees to deal with different arms of the larger animal. It’s important work, but the method also invites

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Your Brain On Fentanyl

Fentanyl is one of the dangerously potent synthetic derivatives of heroin that seems to be now more-regularly cut with the drug to increase the bang users get for the buck. It’s an alarming market-based reaction fed by increasing demand. And that fact that it’s now found on the streets — even in places like Minot

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What Happens When The Heroin Epidemic Hits Small Town America?

Mayor Barney’s recently formed Blue Ribbon Commission on Addiction is an important step for Minot and the region when it comes to fighting our growing opioid and addiction problem. Hopefully, we’re able to hold back a rising tide, hopefully. Perhaps our success will be burgeoned by an understanding of how we got here and what

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Addiction Part 1: Family of Chase Fliginger talks of 10-year battle

The Fargo Forum is taking an in-depth look at the Red River Valley’s growing opiate addiction problem. But it’s not just the media paying attention either, Fargo’s Mayor has formed a Blue Ribbon Commission tasked with finding solutions to the problem. Check out Part 1 of the Forum’s coverage here.

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Surgeon General calls for action to fight drug, alcohol abuse

Dr. Vivek Murthy, the U.S. Surgeon General, has issued a first-ever report on substance abuse. Here’s the quote that sums it up, “The most important thing is, we have to change attitudes towards addiction and get people into treatment,” Murthy said in an interview. “Addiction is a disease of the brain,” he added, “not a

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