Initiative to Fix First Ave Getting Underway

If you’ve ever negotiated the potholes along the road that connects the Amtrak Station and the areas to the East including downtown, you know that the road — while difficult to travel – is often worth the effort because it’s such a valuable shortcut. The road’s condition has been the topic of reader-contributed content here on

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The Train Station Road is an Embarrassment for Minot

I do not live in Minot but, I work here. I try to keep up with everything that is going on in the Magic City but, I am by no means “in the know.” Having disclosed that, I am wondering if anyone has driven by the train station lately? I ask this because due to

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Senators Ask for Billions to Make Amtrak Safety Upgrades

  A week after the Philidelphia train derailment, Senators from the Northeast corridor are seeking funding for Amtrack in the amount of $2 billion.

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ND Railroads to Implement Positive Train Control

Postive Train Control (PTC) gives railroad administrators the ability to slow down trains without the engineer. It has vaulted to the top of the national conversation following the derailment in Philidelphia and is expected to be in place on North Dakota tracks this year.

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Amtrak’s “Empire Builder” Back on Schedule After BNSF Updates

Burlington Northern’s railway improvements are complete, so Amtrak’s Empire Builder passenger service is back online with all the stops.

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Amtrak: Riders Growing, On-time Performance Slipping

People continue to turn to Amtrak is a transportation solution getting to and from North Dakota, but the rail company’s on-time performance is not very good (~25% on-time rate). It is hoped that new track between Minot and Williston will help.

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