YouTube is Launching an Android App for Children

YouTube will release a new app designed for kids on Monday, the Google-owned video service has confirmed to The Verge. The app — called YouTube Kids — will reportedly offer original episodes of TV shows aimed at youngsters, in addition to videos from child-centric channels on YouTube.

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A Gorgeous Geology App That Explores New UX Territory

I’ve written before how the ‘this will revolutionize education’ trope has a poor track record of delivering, but when you see the direction this new app is taking on learning and interaction, you may start to wonder if sometime soon the statement may actually come true.

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Elevate: The Daily App for Training Your Brain

Evidence has shown that if we treat our brain like a muscle and give it a daily workout, it will perform better for us. Here’s an app for your phone or tablet that will make it fun and easy.

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Be Prepared: Winter Survival Kit App

The N.D.S.U. Extension Service is building a small, but useful library of smart phone and tablet apps designed to help with North Dakota specific issues. The one that should be on your radar today is the ‘Winter Survival Kit’, an app focused on helping you prepare and make good decisions in the event that you become

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