Assiniboine Initiative Scientist urges adaptions

The Souris River basin originates in Saskatchewan, dips into North Dakota and returns to Manitoba where it joins the Assiniboine River. And it’s all part of a larger global system that will be impacted by climate change. That was the message of┬áBob Sandford, EPCOR chairman for Water and Climate Security with the United Nations University

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Manitoba: $1 billion needed to shore up flood protection on Assiniboine

A report commissioned by Manitoba warns flood protection in the province has dozens of significant weaknesses and needs $1 billion in spending.

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Manitoba Consides Replacing 80 Kilometers of Dike on the Assiniboine

The $245 million (canadian dollars) plan would replace existing dikes that are as much as a hundred years old and protect to flows up to 23,000 CFS. The article also outlines other flood protection projects being explored by the province.

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Manitoba Exploring Massive Flood Protection Reservoir

It’s one of several options being considered, but following the floods of 2011 and 2014 on the Assiniboine River (Souris River is a tributary of) there is more willingness to explore and possibly accept dramatic protection alternatives.

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