Tapping Rural America: Craft Breweries Pour New Life Into Small Towns

Who would have guessed beer would be the vehicle that brought culture back to small towns on the plains? As unlikely as it seems, the world of craft beer and the small breweries that deliver it are changing the fabric of the places that settle. NPR has the story.

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Trade tariffs weigh heavy on big beer bottom lines

When tariffs on aluminum get tossed around as negotiating chips, America’s big beer makers get nervous. When you sell a lot of beer in aluminum cans, even a little tariff can have a big impact. Joe Deaux writing for Bloomberg has the story on the trade-offs that may result from fighting a trade war. It’s

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Diversifying an oil and gas economy in Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, New Mexico — it’s a city with more than a few similarities to Minot. Notably, it’s fortunes also rise and fall with the price of oil. It’s a cycle that’s led community leaders and business owners alike if there aren’t better ways to build a sustainable livelihood and economy. Sound familiar? As a solution,

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Belgian beer culture has been added to UNESCO’s protected list of “intangible cultural heritage”

How do you build a sustainable economy focused on value-added agricultural products? How do you build an economy that attracts people from all over the world? In Belgium, they accidentally focused on beer (probably because they liked drinking it), and a few hundred years later, their beer culture has been recognized worldwide. Hmm… in North

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Scientists have recreated an ancient mead from 2,500 years ago

What do you get when you team an archeologist who discovers an ancient burial plot with a cauldron of booze with a group of scientific-minded brewers? A modern take on ancient mead recipe. But be careful if you get a taste, the alcohol content was higher than the average domestic beer.

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New Perham brewery opens after months of anticipation

  Disgruntled Brewing has opened its doors in Perham Minnesota. The goal, brew beer that satisfies the never-quite-happy-with-his-beer-choices owner Brett Doebbeling.

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Out with Coke, In with Pepsi at North Dakota State Fair

Next summer’s North Dakota State Fair will have a different flavor — literally. 2016 will be a year of transitions. Starting in April, vendors on the fairgrounds will be required to switch from Coke products to Pepsi products. In a similar transition starting June 1st, beer served on the fairgrounds will be distributed by Magic

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Guzzling 9,000 Years Of History With ‘The Comic Book Story Of Beer’

A new illustrated history explores beer’s journey from the cradle of agriculture, to the rise and fall of Ancient Rome, to the modern-day craft beer heyday. Get the full story along with a Q & A with the author and illustrator from NPR.

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