Indiana bird flu outbreak has vets, scientists on high alert

A new outbreak of bird flu on an Indiana poultry farm has farmers, health officials, and veterinarians on high alert. An outbreak last year led to the death of more than 48 million chickens and turkeys.

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Minnesota has Lost 8.2 million Birds to Flu

  The bird flu epidemic has hit Minnesota particularly hard — to the tune of 8.2 million birds affecting 98 commercial operations. Flocks in North and South Dakota have also been affected, but officials are hoping warmer weather will offer a reprieve.

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Bird Flu: Researchers Still Have Plenty to Learn

Even with poultry farms managing their operations at heightened levels with regards to biosecurity, the virus is still spreading. And that’s what has researchers concerned. At last count, two flocks in Eastern North Dakota had tested positive and were under quarantine.

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