North Dakota bison processing plant expands as more people seek healthier protein

Bison have sustained the prairie in more ways than one since they’ve been around, and after being pushed to near extinction a century ago, they’re recently reemerging in old-fashioned form — as a healthy source of food. Demand for Bison meat is on the rise, and that’s pushed a North Dakota processing center in New

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Managing the Herd: Bison Round up in Teddy Roosevelt NP

More than a hundred animals were gently rounded up Tuesday morning at the North Unit of Teddy Roosevelt National Park and put through a barrageĀ of tests to confirm their health. The animals are set to be relocated around the country including to several Native AmericanĀ tribes; in part to help ensure genetic diversity among smaller herds.

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2015 a banner year for bison industry

With customer demand growing and historically growing and recently stable prices, now is the best time ever to be in the bison production business.

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