Blacktail spill haunts Summit Midstream’s latest project

At this time two years ago, the gathering system pipeline operated by Summit Midstream near Blacktail Creek North of Williston was probably leaking. It wouldn’t be discovered until January of 2015 when the resulting spill became the largest in North Dakota history. Today, the company finds themselves in the role of example for the industry

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Is the State Doing Enough to Prevent Oil Spills?

News broke last month that the pipe responsible for the largest oil and saltwater spill in North Dakota history likely leaked for more than three months. It forces us to ask: is our regulatory policy incentivizing spill prevention? Rob Port takes on the issue in this story.

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Blacktail Creek Spill: Pipeline Allegedly Leaked for More Than 3 Months

It’s been almost a year since the discovery of a saltwater and oil spill on Blacktail Creek near Williston. In the days after the discovery, we learned that it was likely the largest spill in North Dakota history.  And now, as the state’s investigation draws to a close, we are starting to draw some conclusions

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Pipeline Company Responsible for ND’s Largest Spill in Front of Public Service Commission

Summit Midstream, the company responsible for January’s largest-ever oil development related spill was in front of the Public Service Commission last Wednesday seeking approval for expansion and replacement of existing pipelines. Company  representatives commented on improvements that are being made to their gathering systems.

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Industrial Commission Calls for Better Monitoring of Pipelines

Gov. Dalrymple’s comments regarding saltwater pipelines from the Fargo Forum article, “We are in the process of developing a comprehensive set of rules regarding that type of line, but we maybe want to accelerate a couple of pieces of that.”

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Blacktail Creek Pipe Was Not Inspected at Installation

The pipe that broke and spilled lots of brine (70,000 barrels) into Blacktail Creek and the Little Muddy River was installed last summer; it wasn’t inspected during the process.

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Details, Questions & Commentary on Blacktail Creek

The news is out; the brine spill on Blacktail Creek will go down as one of the state’s worst oil-related spills. We’re now a full two weeks removed from the event, and it’s just now that some of the actual details are coming to light. This Was a Big Spill Sensationalism aside, the reality of

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