Trinity Hospital Costs & Completion Date Updated, Estimated Price Now Above $500 Million

In an internal exchange email sent this morning (included below) to employees of Trinity Health, hospital administrators released revised cost estimates of the new medical campus under construction in Southwest Minot. The project, which is now being managed by JE Dunn Construction, has been plagued by contractor turnover as well as a construction-stopping explosion in

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This is value-added agriculture, job creation, and so much more!

The progress of Prairie Sky Breads has been a topic of commentary on The Minot Voice in the past. Their example is one we — in government particularly — should take note of. Often, we politicians and bureaucrats get so wrapped up in our notions of ‘job creation’ and the accompanying economic development jargon like

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3M suspends operations in Venezuela, citing unrest

Corporate titan 3M says doing business in Venezuela is too risky; they’ve suspended operations at a cost of nearly $160 million. Get the full story from the Star Tribune in the link below, but it’s a story that matters in Minot for two reasons. First, it’s a reminder that the trust that binds our economies

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Are you willing to secretly pay more for Walmart, Menards, Target, Home Depot and other big box stores?

Have you heard of the retail apocalypse? It’s in the news on a regular basis; think of the headlines of all the big retailers like Sears closing stores. The impact of these closings and the often-distressed sale or lease of the associated properties is creating a record of low-value market comparables. When it comes to

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Walmart wants into your house, literally. Promises to help organize your fridge

The big retailers Walmart and Amazon are fighting for your money, and they’re taking different approaches to get it. Amazon wants to wow you with speedy drone deliveries. Walmart is betting on your desire to do less, but they’ll need access to your home so they can unpack your groceries while you’re at work. Of

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Regina Flying Club aims to take on more students amid pilot shortage

Pilots — they’re yet another example of how labor shortages are choking our economy, and the problem doesn’t honor international boundaries. In Regina, one local flying club is taking the national issue up at a local level. They’re investing in their club with tools like flight simulators and expanding training scholarship opportunities to get new

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Mpls. landlords fight bid to limit vetos of tenants

In Minneapolis, one City Council member proposed limiting landlords from rejecting potential tenants based on credit, past evictions, and criminal histories. The intent behind the policy — ensuring those with a checkered past have a chance to clean their slate. Landlords, property management companies and developers are pushing back with arguments that the policy will

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One source for innovation — ideas crossing over from other industries

What do serving cupcakes from an ATM machine and using Uber to track service call drivers have in common? They’re both examples of one industry stealing from or using another to innovate in their own sphere. And innovation matters because it earns businesses a competitive advantage, but it also grows the pie for everyone. From

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Homegrown innovation spaces are transforming cities

What does it take for a place to support small businesses and start-ups? Many cities are finding that physical space is a key ingredient. The most common forms are as incubators and co-working spaces, but some places are implementing innovation districts as well. Get the full story on the factors fueling the Midwest’s startup scenes

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Both people and investors trust small businesses more

Are we in the midst of a small business Renaissance? When change is taking place around us, it’s often hard to identify, but research suggests that both consumers and investors are trending towards more support of small businesses. The reason — trust. Get the full story from Forbes.

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Retail sector creating big winners and big losers

With news yesterday of Dressbarn’s closing we have yet another example of how much the retail sector is changing. But not all retailers are struggling; those that are adapting to new shopping practices are thriving. One example is Target as illustrated in this article from the Star Tribune. And these types of stories invite the

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Fargo Chamber, economic development corp. launch plan to boost area’s job numbers, economy

The cities of Fargo and West Fargo are putting $400k apiece along with $4 million from the private sector toward the Fueling Our Future initiative spearheaded by the chamber of commerce and economic development corporation. While specific projects aren’t outlined, the focus will be on workforce development and quality of life projects. The goal —

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Dressbarn to close all of its stores, Minot included

The latest casualty to our cultural retail reorganization — Dressbarn. The national retailer that operates 650 stores across the country announced it will be closing all stores. Minot’s store at Dakota Square Mall is included on that list. Get the full story from the Grand Forks Herald including comments from comments from the Grand Forks

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Amazon leasing space in vacant malls

From a garage 25-years ago to Bezos’s billions today; few companies have turned the world upside down like Amazon. Among the casualties, they’ve left or are leaving behind — vast tracks of under producing real estate we call malls. It’s that same economic disruption (and destruction) Amazon is capitalizing on to take its next step

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