Minot City Council Recap, November 7, 2016

Last night was the first Monday of the month which means City Council had their regularly scheduled meeting. It was a relatively quick meeting. A recap follows below, but if you want more detail the committee agendas are the place to find it. View those here: Planning Commission, Public Works, Finance, Liquor & Gaming And

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Council Reorganization Commitee Recommends Raises for Mayor and Alderman

The committee advising on Minot’s transition to a smaller, 7-member Modern Council next June is recommending raises be given to elected officials starting in the 2018 budget year. Alderman currently earn $595 per month; if approved by the full City Council, that wage would increase to $1,000 per month.  Joe Skurzewski with KMOT has more on

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Editorial: A ‘Yes’ Vote on Tuesday is the Best Choice for Minot

On Tuesday, we’re all charged with offering our vote on an important decision for Minot’s future. City Council reform has been the topic of local conversations for the past ten months. And many have argued the question we’re answering Tuesday is really a choice between Wards and an at-large system.That’s probably true. Most have accepted

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Editorial: Check Check Yes Yes at Tuesday’s City Council Reform Election

Let’s be honest, this Tuesday’s election is not exciting. Few elections are except for those among us who are politically obsessed. But unless you’re a municipal law lawyer, this one is particularly boring because Minot’s Home Rule Charter is not something you care about. And have you read the ballot language? Yikes. I’d rather read

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Home Rule Charter Election Details

This coming Tuesday, March 1st, Minot citizens will be asked if they want to make some changes to the City’s Home Rule Charter. Here’s what you need to know. Why we’re voting The election was called in response to a certified petition to reform Minot’s City Council that was presented by the group #MakeMinot. But,

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Vote: March 1st Election Details & Absentee Ballot Information

March 1st Minot citizens will be asked if they want to amend Minot’s Home Rule Charter. The amendments were proposed in response to the petition filed by #MakeMinot to reform the makeup of City Council. Voting will take place March 1st at the Municipal Auditorium; polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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Dissecting the News: A Closer Look at Recent Local News Story

The burden of media, journalists, and reporters is high. They have to summarize complex topics, give equal weight to two sides of an issue, and do all of it within the constraints of a shrinking attention span. And when they fail, the consequences are significant. The information we consume on a daily basis sets the

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#MakeMinot Proposes Alternate Reform Plan & Timeline to City Officials

#MakeMinot, the committee behind the initiative to reform the size and make-up of Minot’s City Council, issued a news release this morning offering a compromise reform plan and timeline. The full news release including the plan follows below. The list of questions submitted to the city referenced in the first paragraph can be read here.

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