How Sweden is pushing toward the seemingly impossible goal of zero emissions

Our distant Scandinavian relatives have built themselves some pretty sustainable energy infrastructure, just 5% of Sweden’s energy comes from fossil fuels. But they’ve set an even higher goal — be 100% sustainable by 2045. And the problems they have to solve in order to get there and the manner in which they’re attempting to solve

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Regulations rollback a relief for energy industry, worry for environmentalists

President Trump is following through on his pledges to protect coal as one of our country’s vital energy sources; in the North Dakota coal industry, it’s a welcome reprieve. The regulatory rollback drew responses from many circles including North Dakota’s congressional delegation. Sam Easter has the story.

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UND’s energy center awarded $10 million to research capturing carbon dioxide

UND’s energy center is getting a big influx of federal dollars all with the purpose of improving the environmental sustainability of our coal-fired power plants. The money will be put to work researching ways to capture the carbon by-product of energy from coal. April Baumgarten with the Grand Forks Herald has the full story on

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Estevan City Council formally criticizes carbon tax and environmental policy

The City of Estevan’s City Council is going on the record formally with a letter addressed to provincial and party leaders that outlines disappointment in environmental policies including a carbon tax that put the areas coal-fired power stations directly in the crosshairs. Estevan is home to two power generating stations, one of which — the

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With Scalia’s Death, the Paris Climate Plan Is Back in Play

When the Supreme Court injected itself into Obama’s clean air plan by staying the law until legal challenges were resolved, an unusual act in itself, coal producing states and regions rejoiced. But the death of Justice Scalia may put things back in play.

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Canadians Investing in Carbon Capture and Clean Coal Initiatives

A new carbon capture research center near Regina hopes to capitalize on being close to Estevan’s Shand Power Station. Located a few miles from Boundary Reservoir, the coal-fired Shand Power Plant is testing one of the world’s first commercial size carbon capture units.

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ND Approves: US Supreme Court decision blocking Clean Power Plan

President Obama’s Clean Power Plan took a hit from the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday. The Court blocked the rules from taking effect until legal challenges are resolved. The N.D. Department of Health has suspended work on a compliance plan.

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Construction on Beulah Fertilizer Plan Underway

Work continues on a $600 million urea fertilizer plant near Beulah. If construction continues on schedule, the plant will be ready to soak up byproducts of the coal-into-natural-gas process and have fertilizer ready for the 2017 planting season.

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