Experts, education community debate anti-Common Core bill

The House Education Committee heard testimony yesterday on the Common Core debate and the bill that’s moving through the legislature. Amy Sisk has details on the passionate discussion and the details on the bill.

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North Dakotans Divided on Education Standards

Are you confused by what the common core debate is all about? This article from Jennifer Johnson writing for the Dickinson Press provides a good overview of the issue.

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Tensions Build in North Dakota over Common Core Education Standards

Say the words ‘Common Core’ and you’ll likely get a response¬†in one way or another. And it looks like the issue will be addressed in the upcoming legislative session.

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Common Core Standards Battle Takes Shape

The Common Core education standards are a hot button issue, and we’re going to get a taste of the debate during the upcoming legislative session. ¬†Get a good preliminary overview of the issue and some of the players in this piece from The Forum News Service.

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