Google Takes on Cable With ‘YouTube TV’—40 Channels for $35

It’s a cord cutters delight — 40 channels you can watch directly through Youtube or your internet connected device. If you’re a limited TV viewer and just want the basics, this another competitive option in the cable television marketplace.

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For $40 a month, Americans can now stream a lot of TV that isn’t terrible

Tired of you cable bill? The world is changing, and your options for streaming evening entertainment are growing every day. And agreement between Hulu and Showtime will make even more content available online.

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Cord Cutting: Chromecast Now Has Support for CBS, Fox, FX, and HGTV

Are you getting tired of the incessant din of cable television? Google’s Chromecast is adding new providers which means your a la carte options are improving.

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Hulu Lands Streaming Rights to all 180 Seinfeld Episodes

The content available for those who choose to cut ties with the old modern world are growing. Online content provider Hulu was one the rights to distribute the iconic 90s sitcom via their streaming service.

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Netflix is Now Bigger than CBS

The online streaming service is now more valuable CBS Corp. It’s an interesting step in a changing media landscape. Also in the article, an overview of how few media companies truly exist anymore with the shift towards acquisitions and huge media conglomerates.

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Cutting the Cord: A Sports Fan’s New Breed of TV

Have you been dreaming of the day where you didn’t have to pay for cable? Here’s an example of you can cut the cord but still keep a lot of the sports pieces in place.

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The 17 Best-Reviewed Movies on Netflix Right Now

Netflix can be a bit overwhelming because of the sheer volume of content available and because a big portion of it isn’t worth your time. But here’s an article that will help you sort the quality from the crap. If you’re a subscriber, there’s likely a few things on this list you haven’t seen.

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Cord Cutting: HBO Streaming Service to Looking a April Launch

Though a HBO has yet to confirm the details, International Business Times is reporting the company’s new streaming only service will be called ‘HBO Now’ and will cost $15 per month.

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