Sakakawea’s Excess corps’ land back in Legislature’s scope

Last fall, the Corps of Engineers returned unneeded land along the shores of Lake Sakakawea back to the Three Affiliated Tribes. Now, legislation working its way through the 2017 session proposes to give land along the shore not in the reservation boundary back to private land owners. Lauren Donovan with the Bismarck Tribune has the story.

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#NoDAPL: Dakota Access Pipeline Delayed for Further Discussion

The Corp of Engineers issued a news release yesterday outlining their most recent decision on the Dakota Access pipeline. The full news release follows below, but the gist of it says they’re going to invite the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe back to the table one more time to see if the tribe has thoughts on

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Corp releases draft EIS on Souris flood protection plan

The Corp has two different activities going on with respect to our local flood protection. First, they are conducting their feasibility study; they were in town last month to hear public comment. But they’re also doing an environmental review on the entire Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project. And they want you to comment on

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Army Corps of Engineers talks flood protection in Minot

The Corps of Engineers was in Minot last week to gather feedback on what they should be considering as study whether the Federal Government should be a participant in our flood protection efforts. The study is expected to take until 2019. If successful, we may see a federal appropriation in the years following. KMOT has

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Corp of Engineers Sponsor Public Forum on Sakakawea Pipelines

There already several pipelines under Lake Sakakawea and several more are in the planning and review stages. And the Corp of Engineers was in Garrison on Monday night to listen to the concerns of the public. Kim Fundingsland has the story.

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State Water Commission Addresses Souris Valley Flood Protection

The State Water Commission met Friday morning, and our local flood protection project was on the agenda. The project at an important and frustrating point where it now needs participation from the Corps of Engineers.

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Flood Protection Update

The plan is complete, approval meetings with the Corp of Engineers are on the schedule, there are funding opportunities that we have our eye on. Best case scenario, wheels turning by 2016.

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