Deer Running Wild in East Grand Forks Prompts New Law Banning Feeding

The number of deer moving into East Grand Forks has become a legal issue. The City begin hearing complaints about the number of deer in town earlier this year, and as a result, they’ve now made feeding the animals illegal. City officials believe citizens feeding the animals is contributing to population growth.

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Watch: The Deer Rut is on as Deer Season Closes

North Dakota Game and Fish sets the deer hunting season in coordination of the natural cycle of the deer rut — that time of the year when the bucks start chasing the does. Learn more in the Game and Fish’s weekly webcast below.

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Know the Law: Transporting Big Game

It was a hot August Saturday and I was at the pool with the kids. It was even too hot to fish? Ironically the conversation turned from water and fish to big game during the dog days of summer. My friend was looking at a possible trip to Wyoming or Montana, and even planning years

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Game and Fish: No Change in Deer Lottery System

The proposal to allow only one tag per hunter has been abandoned, the 2015 season will operate the same as the 2014 season.

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Deer Season Questions & Answers

A refresher every now and then is good for everyone. Here’s a question and answer that will get you back up to speed from source that matters most.

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Deer Licenses are Gone

The 48,000 deer gun licenses that were allocated by proclamation for the 2014 hunting season have all been issued, according to Randy Meissner, licensing manager for the North Dakota Game and Fish Department. Meissner said according to state law, the number of deer gun licenses issued, including those licenses issued as gratis, cannot exceed the

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