Minot, Let’s call it Diagon Alley

When was the last time you went for a drink at the Blue Rider? If it’s been a while, put it on your ‘to do’ list. When you go, take a moment to walk across the street and check out the buildings and the well-hidden diagonal alley along the railroad tracks. It’s not much to

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Alphabet’s (Google) Sidewalk Labs wants to build a futuristic neighborhood in Toronto

Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet, is heading to Toronto to take up the work of designing the neighborhoods of the future.  A few specific priorities they’ve expressed interest in so far include flood protection plans, affordable housing opportunities, green technologies. Sound familiar? Perhaps a delegation from Minot should invite Sidewalk Labs

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Growing cities take proactive stance against diverse threats, building resilience

When it comes to resilience, it’s not just about being prepared. It’s about building stronger cities that deliver a higher quality of life and more economic diversity. Sound familiar? Minot is in the middle of an enormous resiliency effort made possible by $74.3 million federal grant. And we’re not the only city thinking in this language;

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City Council and Staff in the Dark over CDM Smith Low-Income Housing Activities

A committee created to advise City Council on how to spend portions of the $74.3 million National Disaster Resilience Competition award is off to a less-than-transparent start. The Minot Affordable Housing Advisory Committee met for the first time on February 15, and according to minutes, the committee is made up of members of CDM Smith

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Training and technical center a worthy pursuit 

Jill Schramm with the Minot Daily News digs in deeper with the idea that a career and technical training center is an idea important for Minot and the region.

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Minot pursues technical ed center with resilience money

Part of the City of Minot’s disaster resilience efforts includes creating a more diverse, resilient economy. And one idea that’s being explored in connection to that goal is the development of a technical center used to educate underserved professions and vocations, perhaps in partnership with MSU. Jill Schramm has the story.

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Minot City Council Recap, November 7, 2016

Last night was the first Monday of the month which means City Council had their regularly scheduled meeting. It was a relatively quick meeting. A recap follows below, but if you want more detail the committee agendas are the place to find it. View those here: Planning Commission, Public Works, Finance, Liquor & Gaming And

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Listen: Old-Ramstad School Site a Priority for Disaster Resilience Funding

In January, the City of Minot was awarded ~$74 million through the Housing and Urban Development’s National Disaster Resilience Competition. Since the award announcement, the City has been patiently awaiting federal guidance as to which parts of our competition application were funded, and as of the June 21 Park Board meeting, it seems the City

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