Liberia Declared Free of Ebola but Officials Warn Against Complacency

It’s been months since the media frenzy feasted on the Ebola story and U.S. scare, but meanwhile the diligent fight to stop the spread of the virus has continued in Africa. Liberia now has the upper hand, the fight continues in Guinea and Sierra Leone.

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U.S. Says Ebola Mission In West Africa Is Coming To An End

Most of the American military personnel who were sent to help with the Ebola outbreak in West Africa will be back home by April 30, the Pentagon said on Tuesday. And the belief at this time is that the crisis in Liberia and Senegal has been contained.

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Ebola Survivor: The Best Word For The Virus Is ‘Aggression’

Ebola has been mostly out of the news for a while now, but it hasn’t gone away. Dr. Ian Crozier was one of the first patients air evacuated from West Africa, and the disease almost got him. Here’s his story.

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Local Doctor Speaks to Lions Club on Ebola

An infectious disease doctor at Trinity, Dr. Casmiar Nwaigwe, spoke with Lions Club members on the current status of the Eboloa situation. Though there are currently no cases in the U.S., health care officials remain ready and prepared.

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IF we need it…. Sanford Hospitals Designated to Treat Ebola

Sanford Hospitals in Bismarck and Fargo have been designated to treat any Ebola cases… if they should occur in North Dakota.

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Ebola Preparation & Monitoring in North Dakota

While ND Department Health officials maintain the risk of a local outbreak is quite low, they are currently monitoring two individuals recently returned from west Africa. The individuals are not sick or showing symptoms.

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Ebola in West Africa – In Pictures

While the CDC’s handling of Ebola in the U.S. leaves a lot to desire, the situation in West Africa is of an entirely different nature. We will be seeing a lot more of this story.

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