Coal Creek Station Out of Compliance With EPA Coal Ash Storage and Ground Water Protections

WASHINGTON – Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the latest action to protect communities and hold facilities accountable for controlling and cleaning up the contamination created by coal ash disposal. The Agency issued six proposed determinations to deny facilities’ requests to continue disposing of coal combustion residuals (CCR or coal ash) into unlined surface

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EPA chief to discuss water regulations during visit to state

Scott Pruitt, the EPA’s top administrator, will be visiting North Dakota next week, and the Waters of the U.S. rule making is expected to be a hot topic of conversation. Between agricultural and energy industries and our cultural disposition toward property rights, environmental regulations and rules have big impacts on North Dakota, and it sounds

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When rivers caught fire and bald eagles were poisoned: why we need the Environmental Protection Agency

President Trump’s choice for director of the EPA has raised concerns for the environmentally-minded among us. And those concerns are not without warrant, but whatever the state of the EPA at this point — and that’s not to say reform isn’t warranted — we’d do well to remember the circumstances that led to its creation.

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EPA Program Looks to Save, Serve Otherwise Wasted Food

  When you’ve got a lot of people going hungry and a lot of other people throwing away food, there’s a problem of efficiency that’s worth looking at. A new program from the EPA has intentions of closing the gap. Learn more from KMOT.

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Why Aren’t We All Environmentalists?

For those of you Republican readers -- and on many issues I count myself among you -- here’s your warning: I’m about to challenge the party’s position and the way many of us think about the environment.

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Unlikely allies Minn., N. Dakota Work Together on Clean Energy

New E.P.A. regulations on emissions will create a compliance headache for many of our state’s coal-fired power plants. This article from the Star Tribune provides some helpful background on what is a bewildering topic.

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ND takes lead in lawsuit against EPA over Waters of the U.S. rule

North Dakota’s argument: the rule is a federal overreach that will create burdensome regulation for farmers. Waters of the U.S. is an EPA and Corps of Engineers rule that expands the definition of waters protected by the clean water act.

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EPA’s Fracking Analysis: Something For Everyone

The news around North Dakota yesterday was that the EPA’s fracking analysis declared fracking safe for drinking water. But for those who oppose fracking, they found what they wanted in the report too. Here’s the analytical coverage of the media coverage.

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With Waters of the U.S., Obama Again Takes Executive Action on Environment

We’ve covered the Waters of the U.S. rule extensively on The Minot Voice, particularly Senator Hoeven’s work to marginalize its impact. But here’s some background on where the rule came from, and some thoughts on the other side of the story.

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EPA Investigating 2014 Mandaree Oil Spill

The EPA has opened an investigation into a pipeline spill that took place last summer near Bear Den Bay and Mandaree. The spill released ~1,000,000 gallons (~32,000 barrels) of produced water — some of which ended up in Lake Sakakawea.

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Feds to Stick Big Paddle in N.D. waters

The EPA and Corp of Engineers proposed Waters of the United States rule would give the Federal government a whole lot more say on what happens on private land. If you’re a landowner or developer, this is news you need to know about.

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Representative Cramer Sponsors Bill to Reform Science Advisory Board

The Science Advisory Board is intended to review the scientific foundation behind many of the EPA's regulatory decisions. Unfortunately, it has not been functioning in exactly that manner.

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Senator Hoeven Working to Remove Teeth from ‘Waters of the US’ Regulations

North Dakota leadership has come out strongly against the EPA’s proposed Waters of the U.S. regulations. On Saturday, Senator Hoeven spoke to the North Dakota Farm Bureau on his work to marginalize the regulations including the following specifics: Defund the the implementation of the regulation through legislation. Prevent the implementation of the regulation in the first place.

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Sen. Hoeven & Gov. Dalrymple Pressure EPA to Move NAWS Forward

Senator Hoeven is pressuring EPA director Gina McCarthy to come to a workable solution for the final implementation of the Northwest Area Water System.

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