A 17-pound walleye is swimming in Lake Sakakawea

Every spring Game and Fish wardens trap fish on Lake Sakakawea and harvest their eggs for the fish hatchery. This year, trapped in those nets was a behemoth walleye. Mike McFeely writes of the tale that’s documented with pictures.

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Zebra Mussels are Here, Boaters & Anglers Need to Be Vigilant to Stop the Spread

One of the many North Dakota hometowns I claim is LaMoure, in the southeastern part of the state. The James River runs by just off the western edge of town, and it was there, at a popular fishing spot called the James River Dam site, that some of the first Asian carp in the state

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North Dakota Lakes Enter Spring with Healthy Oxygen Levels

It doesn’t take a biology or chemistry degree to understand fish need water, and it’s no secret the expanded wet cycle since 1993 was the key ingredient in creating a modern version of the good old days in terms of fishing in North Dakota. But reduced snowpack and consequently less fresh spring run-off the last

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Fishing Regulations Set to Change April 1st

The early arrival of spring and ice out on lakes this year is providing some additional days for open-water fishing in North Dakota this year. Along with a new license that is needed starting April 1, a new two-year fishing proclamation also kicks in April 1, with a few noteworthy changes from the last two

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Game & Fish Observing Nature in Flux

Last week I covered some highlights from the 2015 outdoors scene with a look at pheasant and sharp-tailed grouse populations, plus record fishing license sales. While these were some of the many positive outdoor stories from the past year, there’s seldom a year of “perfect” conditions when most or all species are trending higher across

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Doug Leier: Looking Back on 2015, Forward to 2016

I’ve always enjoyed my final column of the year and first column of the next year, as a kind of closing one door and then looking ahead to what may or may not be coming for the next year.  This year, instead of one review and one preview, I’ll cover the past and future for

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Study: We’re Hunting, Fshing the Wrong-Sized Animals

Human predators are outliers in the natural scheme that typically sees the youngest and weakest animals fall to prey, and it seems the concept of harvesting the biggest and strongest of the pack, herd, or school is having an evolutionary effect on animal populations.

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Summer is the Season to Get Outside, Don’t Wait!

Each July I promise myself to fish more the rest of the summer. It’s usually because I’m wondering where the first month of summer went and I realize I haven’t gotten out as much as intended … thus far.  I do know I’ve never made it to fall freeze-up and said I’ve spent way too

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