City Council and Staff in the Dark over CDM Smith Low-Income Housing Activities

A committee created to advise City Council on how to spend portions of the $74.3 million National Disaster Resilience Competition award is off to a less-than-transparent start. The Minot Affordable Housing Advisory Committee met for the first time on February 15, and according to minutes, the committee is made up of members of CDM Smith

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Grand Forks: Flood protection reducing risk, but not eliminating it

Grand Forks is almost 20 years removed from the flood that decimated the City. Permanent flood protection has been in place now for many years, but in looking back on the event, officials are reminding citizens they do not have flood prevention. In Grand Forks, they have reduced flood risk, but they haven’t eliminated it.

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Listen: Old-Ramstad School Site a Priority for Disaster Resilience Funding

In January, the City of Minot was awarded ~$74 million through the Housing and Urban Development’s National Disaster Resilience Competition. Since the award announcement, the City has been patiently awaiting federal guidance as to which parts of our competition application were funded, and as of the June 21 Park Board meeting, it seems the City

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Flood Therapy: Tell us all the ways in which the water displeased you

Yesterday, the City and local officials commemorated the 5-year anniversary of the sounding of the sirens. Back in 2011, those sirens signaled the start of the flood. Their sound lasted only a few minutes; the water stayed for weeks. And the ripples of its effect will be bouncing around Minot for decades to come. There’s

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Friends of the Souris Organizes to Advocate for River

We’re very excited to tell everyone about a new organization that’s formed in Minot. Friends of the Souris River is a grassroots group with the mission of making the Souris River in Minot a point of community pride. We’re planning a river cleanup this coming Saturday headquartered out of Roosevelt Park, and we’ll be advocating

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Now Vacant Lot in NW Minot Raises Questions about Flood Recovery & Acquisition Spending

The site of a former home in Northwest Minot raises questions about the City of Minot’s flood recovery acquisition programs and demolition procedures. Acquired by the City of Minot in May of 2015, the home in question was previously located at 708 11th Street NW, outside proposed flood protection structures and near the edge of

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Almost five years after devastating flood, Minot tries to rise above the water

  Some coverage on our flood recovery from an outside source. Barry Amundson writing for the Grand Forks Herald provides an insightful look at our recovery process and the current status.

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Riverfront greenway begins to emerge in Cedar Rapids

  Cedar Rapids flooded in 2008; the recovery there serves as a valuable measuring stick for Minot’s recovery. This story is from last summer, but seems all the more relevant as the City’s resilience spending becomes front and center news.

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