Beyond Drinking Water, Fracking Poses Other Risks Worthy of Note

There’s some clear left-leaning agenda in this article from Wired, but it’s not just the typical hit piece. The writing is well cited and raises awareness and points out a few risks that any who support the practice should be aware of and working to mitigate.

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Fracking Rule Would Hurt ND Income, Jobs, State says

New federal regulations on fracking on federal land will cost North Dakota $300 million a year in oil income and as many as 1,900 jobs. The State of North Dakota is joining a few other states in a federal lawsuit challenging the law.

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EPA’s Fracking Analysis: Something For Everyone

The news around North Dakota yesterday was that the EPA’s fracking analysis declared fracking safe for drinking water. But for those who oppose fracking, they found what they wanted in the report too. Here’s the analytical coverage of the media coverage.

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Utah Joins North Dakota & Others in BLM Lawsuit

  Utah has been joined Colorado, North Dakota, and Wyoming in a lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management over new regulations on fracking that takes place on federal lands.

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Commentary: Should State Government Trump Local Government When It Comes To Energy Regulation?

When it comes to regulating the oil and gas industry, should a municipality have final say on how things happen in their town? It’s a question now front and center after Texas lawmakers created a ban on fracking bans. Rob Port has the story.

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ND Joins in Legal Action Against BLM over Fracking

The State of North Dakota has been admitted into a legal action against the Bureau of Land Management over new rules regulating fracking on federal lands. Details from KMOT News.

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Eye on Energy: Fracking Regulations and Federal Land

KX News takes a closer look at the impact new federal regulations will have on oil development — particularly on the Fort Berthold Reservation.

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North Dakota to Join Lawsuit Against Gederal Fracking Rule

North Dakota will join Wyoming in a lawsuit alleging Federal overreach with a rule proposed to regulate hydraulic fracturing used by the oil and gas industry. Full story from Katherine Lymn writing for Forum Communications.

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