Google Wants to Line Your city Streets With Wi-Fi, Should Minot Reach Out?

A new R&D arm of Google is looking bring the latest Wi-Fi technology to city streets. Considering the communication benefits, the disaster resiliency planning that is now taking place, and the fact that downtown Minot is getting an infrastructure overhaul — should Minot reach out?

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Google’s Self-Driving Cars on On the Road in California

This technology is closer than we all realize. And here’s the thing, these cars have actually been on the road for a while and have also been involved in 12 accidents. In each case, it was the human drivers who were at fault.  

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Inside Google’s Wildly Ambitious Internet Balloon Project

The idea is to deliver Internet service to remote regions and those affected by natural disasters by flying LTE signal dispersing balloons overhead. The idea is cool both for the mission and the innovative method they’re using to solve the problem. Get the latest on the Google X Labs project in this video from The

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6 things I Learned from Riding in a Google Self-Driving Car

This technology is closer than you realize, so close that our lawmakers will be taking it this legislative session with a bill that sets the State’s initial policy. Get the lowdown on the technology from The Oatmeal, one of the Internet’s best.

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Google’s Safety Road Show Comes to Minot

One of Google’s outreach program was in Minot visiting with middle school kids at Ramstad on how to be safe online. For more on Internet safety visit

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