FBI to review more emails related to Clinton’s private email use

In yet another October surprise, the Clinton campaign is on their heals after FBI Director James Comey informed members of Congress that additional review of the Clinton email investigation would take place following the discovery of new emails on a laptop belonging to Anthony Wiener.

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In Defense of Choosing “None of the Above”

The Fargo Forum editorial board made the unusual choice of not endorsing a presidential candidate. And in defense of that position, Rob Port at Say Anything Blog defends that choice as rational thinking in this unfortunate election cycle.

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The Candidate I Oppose…

The candidate I oppose is a terrible candidate and represents everything I think is wrong with this country. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t trust much of what I hear in the news anymore, but if half the crap I’ve heard about the candidate I oppose over my lifetime is true, then I don’t understand

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State Department will not Review Clinton Ethics Pledge Breaches

The Clinton Foundation has admitted to accepting unreported donations from foreign governments, but there will be no internal investigation into whether Hillary Clinton violated the ethics agreement she signed when she took office as Secretary of State.

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