ND regulators directed to start explaining oil spill fine reductions in writing

From here forward, when the State Industrial Commission reduces fines levied for oil and saltwater spills they’ll have to provide a written explanation of terms and conditions imposed on the offending company.

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Is the State Doing Enough to Prevent Oil Spills?

News broke last month that the pipe responsible for the largest oil and saltwater spill in North Dakota history likely leaked for more than three months. It forces us to ask: is our regulatory policy incentivizing spill prevention? Rob Port takes on the issue in this story.

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Blacktail Creek Spill: Pipeline Allegedly Leaked for More Than 3 Months

It’s been almost a year since the discovery of a saltwater and oil spill on Blacktail Creek near Williston. In the days after the discovery, we learned that it was likely the largest spill in North Dakota history. ¬†And now, as the state’s investigation draws to a close, we are starting to draw some conclusions

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State Industrial Commission Grants Flaring Relief

XTO Energy was granted a flaring exception on 89 of 143 requested wells by the Sate Industrial Commission. Oil producers are required to capture 77% of natural gas produced during drilling and recovery; XTO sought an exception because of difficulty getting easements for a gathering pipeline.

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Lynn Helms Briefs Industrial Commission on Oil Field Related Bills

Department of Mineral Resource Director Lynn Helms briefed the Industrial Commission on bills active in the legislature that may impact management and regulation of oil and gas operations in the state.

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Industrial Commission Calls for Better Monitoring of Pipelines

Gov. Dalrymple’s comments regarding saltwater pipelines from the Fargo Forum article, “We are in the process of developing a comprehensive set of rules regarding that type of line, but we maybe want to accelerate a couple of pieces of that.”

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Dickinson Awarded Almost $1 Million Outdoor Heritage Fund Grant

Dickinson will receive a nearly $1 million grant to improve and complete construction of a 17 mile fitness trail around Patterson Lake. The grant was awarded by the ND Industrial Commission as an Outdoor Heritage Fund grant.

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Industrial Commission Approves Stricter Oil Shipping Standards

The new regulations are designed to reduce the volatility of Bakken crude. The new rules take effect April 1st. Get the details on the new restrictions in this informative article.

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State Industrial Commission Reviews Comments on Oil Shipping

The extended comment period closed last Wednesday, and the State Industrial Commission is expected to meet before December 12 to rule on proposed regulations designed to reduce the volatility of oil shipped from North Dakota.

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WAWS Project Growing to Meet Demand

It’s known as the Western Area Water Supply Authority and it serves a five county area encompassing much of northwest and west-central parts of the state.

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