Part II: Inside the jail where inmate’s fate was sealed

Kim Fundingsland takes us into the Ward County Jail and the culture that existed there before the Dustin Irwin tragedy and now after the reforms have been and are being put into place. Learning from this mistake is the perhaps the least and the most we can do.

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Ward County Jail Enclosed, Ready for Winter Construction

Construction on the Ward County Jail expansion is moving along. The contractor has the building enclosed and will be able to continue interior construction through the winter. The addition of more than 100 cells is expected to open in the spring of 2018. Joe Skurzewski with KMOT has more.

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With sales tax vote, Clay County voters decide how to pay for new jail

Space in county jails is at a premium these days. In Minot, we’ve been dealing with jail issues and expansion for several years. In Clay County, Minnesota (Moorhead) they’re dealing with the same issue, and a proposed expansion is on the ballot with a sales tax funding source. But whatever the outcome, the jail will

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Williams County Correctional Center Plans Another Expansion

Six years after finishing construction, the Williston County Correctional center is already squeezed for space working on plans for expansion.

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Commissioners, Architects Meet on Jail Expansion Plan

The plans for Ward County’s jail expansion are nearing completion and architects are hoping to have a final cost projection available for the August 7th County Commission Meeting. The expansion will add 100 new cells to the jail.

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Unofficially, Jail Approved by Huge Amount

The election results aren’t technically official yet, but Ward County’s request to take out a bigger loan against the previously approved half-cent sales tax was approved by a wide margin Tuesday. Here are the unofficial tallies: YES: 3,105 votes |  ~82% NO: 703 votes | ~18% The expansion project is expected to get underway this

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Let’s Reluctantly Vote ‘yes’ on Tuesday

Tuesday’s election is a hard choice. Of all the issues facing Minot and Ward County, spending $37 million on a jail feels like a case of misplaced priorities. Not long ago, we said no to a second high school. In two months, we’ll vote again on a  recreation and aquatics center, and that effort is

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Ward County Jail Election: Everything You Need to Know

Tuesday is a special election day in Ward County;  this is the guide to making your decision. What Are We Voting On? In simplest terms, we’re voting on whether we allow the County to take out a bigger loan. In technical terms, we’re voting on an amendment to a sales tax law that we approved

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